the first cut is the deepest

Hidey Ho, Neighbor! Can anyone name the show? Wowza, that first week of this year was a doozy. Ok, so maybe it wasn't officially the "first" week, but it was the first for me. What even is WORK? This week in a nutshell: I had an eye doctor appointment, I got strep throat, and I … Continue reading the first cut is the deepest

ewwww, david. no.

(from Life.Church) Do any of you have any phrases that you say to yourself just out of habit? I do. It's usually under my breath, and almost always after I've done something dumb or I'm overwhelmed. It is always, "Oh my goodness, Sarah. What in the world." (Not a question, just a statement.) I have … Continue reading ewwww, david. no.